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# What's LuBan-H5?

LuBan-H5 is a mobile page builder based on Vue.js, which is similar with Amolink or eqx (opens new window)(it's a chinese website, you may need to translate the page). It also supports parsing PSD file to HMTL5 Page

# Quick Start

# Option 1

  • if you are familiar with Node, Yarn(and already installed), please follow the commands to start quickly:
git clone
cd luban-h5 # project root path
# back-end
cd back-end/h5-api && yarn && yarn dev
# front-end
cd front-end/h5 && yarn && yarn build:engine && yarn dev
!#en: default database is sqlite3(db location: h5-api/.tmp/data.db)
# visit http://localhost:1337/admin to config the api permissions
# read more here:

# Option 2

docker pull ubuntu
docker run -it -p 1234:80 -p 1235:1337  -v `pwd`:/app ubuntu
apt update && apt install -y wget git
wget -qO- | bash
# after the installation finished
# 1. visit :http://localhost:1235/admin, add your admin account
# 1.2 config the api permissions, see more here:
# 2. front-end
# 2.1 visit https://localhost:1235 to get the front-end of luban-h5

Read more here Online English Document (opens new window)

# Community

  1. Gitter (opens new window)
  2. Github Issues (opens new window)