# Quick Start

  • if you are familiar with Node, Yarn(and already installed), please follow the commands to start quickly:
  • if you are not familiar with the tech stack, please read the following detailed tutorial
# back-end
cd back-end/h5-api && yarn && yarn dev
# front-end
# open a new terminal and goto the project root path
cd front-end/h5 && yarn && yarn build:engine && yarn dev

# Overview

# Basic Concepts

First of all, you need to know about the related ecology of Node. js and the installation of Node. js. We will take a minute to introduce the basic concepts. By default, you know the basic operations of Linux and Git. You can read the Basic installation Requirements (opens new window)

# Build With(current version)

Vue.js: Front-end framework
Strapi.js: Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs
Sqlite: Database

# Cases you may meet in local development

suitable for whose who are a little careless, who have only read half of the documents

  1. API 403 Forbidden, the solution: [# 2-Caution] (# 2-Caution)

  2. The preview page shows blank in the dialog, the solution : [2. Rendering engine required for building preview] (# _2-Rendering engine required for building preview)

# Setup

the API is powered by strapi.js (opens new window)

# Setup backend

# 1. quick start

# by default, the current path is the root path for luban-h5
cd back-end/h5-api
# use yarn (⚠️not npm) install dependencies
# reference: https://github.com/ly525/luban-h5/issues/92
yarn install # install dependencies
yarn dev # dev
# additional notes:
# if you want to debug it in vscode, please run `yarn localdev`
!#en: default database is sqlite3(db location: h5-api/.tmp/data.db)
# visit http://localhost:1337/admin
Please read on to config the strapi admin

# 2. Something important

  1. 403 Forbidden :Please follow the instructions to config the API can be publicly accessible: [Roles And Permission] -> [Public] - [Permissions]



# Used for upload work cover


# setup front-end

# 1. quick start

# by default, the current path is the root path of luban-h5
cd front-end/h5 && yarn && yarn build:engine && yarn dev
# more commands
# please refer to project/front-end/h5/package.json

# 2. build preview engine

  • just run cd front-end/h5 && yarn && yarn build:engine

# 2.1 Basic(TLDR)

previewOne (opens new window), here is the key code:

previewOne: async (ctx) => {
  const work = await strapi.services.work.findOne(ctx.params);
  return ctx.render('engine', { work });

# 2.2 How to build preview engine(TLDR)

  1. cd front-end/h5, run yarn build:engine
  2. after build finished, an folder named engine-assets is auto generated at back-end/h5-api/public
  3. preview.vue is preview modal, the mobile div is an iframe which a wrapper for builded engine-entry, learn more about engine here: luban-h5/front-end/h5/vue.config.js